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Shoko Nakagawa – Dori Dori August 18, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Dori Dori
  2. Candy Girl (Regular & Limited only)
  3. KISEKI (Pokémon Edition only)
  4. Dori Dori -Instrumental-
  5. Candy Girl -Instrumental-
  6. KISEKI -Instrumental-

1. Dori Dori

Well, it’s been a while since we’ve got a strong upbeat song from Shokotan and Dori Dori is a pretty good tune to show off Shoko’s energetic pop/rock side.  It does have a cuter spark to it and Shoko’s voice is up in the squeakier range.  It’s a catchy tune and I kind of enjoy this side of her music a lot more than past singles.

2. Candy Girl

The main versions of the single comes with Candy Girl which unsurprisingly caked on the cuteness by a good 50%.  It’s kind of hokey and somewhat bouncy and very poppy.  I do like how refreshing it sounds though and Shokotan sounds a bit better here as she isn’t trying as hard on her vocals.  I kind of liked it more than “Dori Dori”.


At first I didn’t recognize the melody, but after listening to it a bit over and over, KISEKI is actually the ending theme for Pokémon X/Y!  Though if you didn’t know it’s a kind of happy ballad for Shokotan and she does ballads quite well (especially in recent times).  Not a bad song overall and is probably my favorite here.

Shokotan has slowed down a bit it seems in releases and Dori Dori was the kind of last thing she released (well she does have a collaboration single, but I’m more than likely now reviewing that).  This single is actually quite nice altogether.  Dori Dori is cute and upbeat and rockin’ while Candy Girl was sugary goodness and then there’s the nice ballad in KISEKI to close things off…good single, but I do miss her!


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