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UVERworld – I LOVE THE WORLD September 2, 2015

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Track Listing

  3. CHANCE!04
  4. I LOVE THE WORLD -Short Edition-


Hey! it’s been a while since we’ve seen a hard hitting UVER A-side with synths involved in a long time!  I actually was kind of surprised because it doesn’t sound something that UVERworld has really pulled off.  The interesting areas of the song while doesn’t mix together too well (like “GO-ON” and “GOLD) but I suppose the similarities are there and all three songs are songs I enjoy tons.  TAKUYA saying the title is humorous, but he does put his all in this song and it’s pretty wild and reckless!  Great A-side!


The main B-side opens up with TAKUYA and what sounds like him running before turning into this chilled out (beat boxing/heavy breathing) thing.  After he starts singing the tune opens up with a heavy sound with their saxophonist playing behind too!  It’s an interesting song and funny enough, could’ve saw this be an A-side as well as it’s really strong and I do like the chilled back kind of arrangement (with bursts of their rock sound).

3. CHANCE!04

The single ends with a new version of their 2nd single of their careers, CHANCE! at first doesn’t sound any different from the original released back in 2005 so I’m not sure the reasoning of bringing it back so much later.  Though after listening to it, there are some changes to the song, but really it doesn’t feel like much was done beyond that (didn’t sound like it was resung).  Still a great A-side for them, but why was brought back?




Seems like UVERworld is getting another blast of awesome songs in this era so far!  I actually really liked this single and was altogether a smidge better than “Boku no Kotoba de wa Nai Kore wa Bokutachi no Kotoba” due to all three songs being upbeat and striking a huge spark in my interest.  I LOVE THE WORLD wasn’t what I was expecting (with a title, I was expecting a ballad xD) and PRAYING RUN is cool and has a really good sound to it.  CHANCE!04 might seem a bit unnecessary, but it’s still a great song from their early days.


4 Responses to “UVERworld – I LOVE THE WORLD”

  1. Iva Says:

    Enjoyable review as always!

    Actually CHANCE!04 is not a rerecording. It’s the original version of CHANCE! from before they signed with Sony if I recall right. That’s why it’s referred to as a memorial track.

  2. shinitakashi Says:

    Hmm…I probably need to re-listen to “I LOVE THE WORLD” again, but I really found the a-side to be bland as nothing else. :/

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