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Kyarypamyupamyu – Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushuu~ September 3, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushuu~
  2. No No No
  3. Oshiete Dance Floor
  4. Kimama
  5. Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushuu~ (Instrumental)
  6. No No No (Instrumental)
  7. Oshiete Dance Floor (Instrumental)
  8. Kimama (Instrumental)

1. Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushuu~

Seems like Kyary returned to her Halloween-esque kind of sound with Crazy Party Night and it has been a while since we’ve had her last one, “Mottai Night Land”.  Sadly, this song really misses its mark a little.  I think after being spoiled by “Mondai Girl”, this song just feels a little too childish and would’ve been a better B-side almost.  I do like the verses, but the chorus just doesn’t really work for me very much.  Honestly, this just doesn’t really excite me in anyway and “Mottai Night Land” and “Fashion Monster” still rank WAY higher!

2. No No No

Moving into B-sides of the single, No No No starts off kind of like something capsule would’ve done back on “WORLD OF FANTASY” with the electronics, tribal drums, and piano.  I actually was a bit more interested with this song because of its airy, slightly cutesy tone.  Kyary sounds quite effervescent and doesn’t seem to have too much vocoder laced into her vocals which is great!  After a while, I do think the arrangement would’ve suited to Perfume better, but this song nice!

3. Oshiete Dance Floor

I kind of was hoping this to be the harder song off the single, but it sounds like a tune that would’ve been played in Animal Crossing (ironic considering “Kimama” is tied to it).  The tune outside of that doesn’t seem to really do much of anything to me…almost feels like a rejected song from “Pamyupamyu Revolution” with its cutesy electronics from Nakata.  Not terrible, but forgettable.

4. Kimama

The final B-side of the single, Kimama is actually the slow song of the single too.  Actually being tied to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I was expecting something like this.  A lot of playfulness and childish glow all through it.  That being said, I already said “Oshiete Dance Floor” sounds like a song that would’ve fit as well.  Really, the airy and whispy vocals from Kyary suits the style of the song, but ehhhhh…it’s ok.

Honestly, after being slightly spoiled by “Mondai Girl”, I was surprised at how disappointing this single turned out.  Crazy Party Night just felt weak all-around and didn’t give me the spooky spells that her past ones had.  No No No is probably the best of the single though having such catchy arrangement and nice vocals.  As for Oshiete Dance Floor & Kimama, they felt like they came from the same mindset and sadly neither left much of an impression on me…I hope she picks up after this single


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