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Kaela Kimura – TODAY IS A NEW DAY September 6, 2015

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Track Listing

  2. c’mon
  3. Yellow (kensuke ushio REMIX)


I was surprised that Kaela would kind of go back to her pop/rock roots with TODAY IS A NEW DAY and I kind of like the natural sounding arrangement here!  It’s pretty quirky and upbeat and Kaela’s voice has a great sense of fun and energy which is something I always enjoy with her music.  The chorus kicks it up further with electric guitar at the forefront and lets loose more speed.  I quite enjoyed this song a lot more than “OLE!OH!” that’s for sure!

2. c’mon

It seems the energy continues on with the B-side, c’mon although unlike “TODAY IS A NEW DAY’s” more happier vibes, this almost takes a punk sound here and the chords from the electric guitar just makes this assumption moreso but I also felt myself enjoying this one that’s for sure!  I’m kind of in the middle deciding if I liked the A-side or B-side more because they’re both quite good songs!

3. Yellow (kensuke ushio REMIX)

The single ends with a remix of Yellow (which was her 10th single).  Not sure why this was chosen to be remixed, but hey it has our need of synths in comparison to the pop/rock songs above.  I was surprised how deeper Kaela’s vocals were though, but it suited the club-friendly beats and synth clicks.  Decent remix overall!

As Kaela ends the “MIETA” era off, TODAY IS A NEW DAY was a pretty rockin’ single and one of her better ones in recent times.  I really do enjoy the main A-side and c’mon quite a lot (with a little more going to the B-side)!  the remix of Yellow was also decent and didn’t do anything crazy.  Happy to see both main tracks on the album…I can’t wait to see what we get!


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