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Super Junior – MAMACITA (AYAYA) September 6, 2015

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Track Listing

  2. Gesshoku ~Lunar Eclipse~
  3. MAMACITA (AYAYA) (Instrumental)
  4. Gesshoku ~Lunar Eclipse~ (Instrumental)


It really feels like K-pop is going through a new phase where they’re using jazzy instrumentals mixed with beats in it (I mean, I’ll miss the signature beat-driven songs, but EVERYONE is jumping on this bandwagon).  SuJu’s MAMACITA is of course a K-pop redub which surprises me that they’d go back to that shit after how good “Blue World” was.  For some reason, listening to this song made me question their Japanese as it felt almost cluttered throughout the song (add on that I was never a fan of that chorus).  Not the best Super Junior song out there, but it did mark their return (well a year break).

2. Gesshoku ~Lunar Eclipse~

Of course we’re back to normal SuJu stuff with Gesshoku being the ballad of the single.  With a lone piano acting as the melody, this song is pretty bare bones when compared to their other B-sides they’ve released.  After a while, strings to try to add color alongside acoustic guitar which was a bit sweet…though the rest of the song just is filler to me.

A whole year was placed between this and their last single, “Blue World” and their sound has wholly shifted it seems to fit the current in-sound of K-pop.  Honestly, I didn’t really care for it when it was first released in Korea and not much has changed with the Japanese take.  Gesshoku might be the nicest sounding ballad they’ve done in Japan, but that really doesn’t amount to much with me in the end.  Meh single.


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