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T.M.Revolution – DOUBLE-DEAL September 6, 2015

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Well, this isn’t a surprise, DOUBLE-DEAL was one of my favorites from their “Ten” album so seeing it being recut AND not touched is a great surprise albeit strange.  Being another song tied to the Sengoku Basara series, the song is pretty high-energy and has a great mix of rock and Daisuke’s signature kicks.  Of course I also commend Takanori for bringing such dramatic and epic vocals to a song like this.  It’s definitely one of the better songs in their discography that’s for sure!

Now I am disappointed that there wasn’t anything else new to the release, but there is a 2nd disc featuring new versions of older songs, some we’ve come across already and some entirely new like “UTAGE” and “Naked arms”.  Honestly, I couldn’t say if it’s worth the purchase, but DOUBLE-DEAL is definitely a song to listen to (if you haven’t already from the “Ten” album that is).


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