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VIXX – Error September 6, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Error -Japanese ver.-
  2. Seishun Datte
  3. Error -Japanese ver.- (Instrumental)
  4. Seishun Datte (Instrumental)

1. Error -Japanese ver.-

When it comes to songs like this, VIXX seem to be kind of behind on the times nowadays and seldom are simple J-pop redubs of Korean songs done well enough and this is kind of no different.  I thought the original was flawless (and trust me VIXX has been really hitting some good marks in their homeland with stuff like “VOODOO DOLL” and “ETERNITY” showcasing greatness.  Error is still a pretty damn amazing song for the group although it did lose a lot of the cold smoothness on the transition to Japan.  I’m still surprised that Hong Bin gets to use such a baritone sounding solo line (pretty lengthy too!).  Definitely a great song, but take a listen to the original because I personally think it’s better than this (and the Chinese version).

2. Seishun Datte

Also a self-redub of their song “Cheongchuni Apa” from their “Error” mini-album, Seishun Datte falls in the normal K-pop stereotype as the ballad B-side.  I do like the acoustics of the song and while the group has some accent quirks, they do a fine job with a slower song just as much as the dramatic A-side.  Even Ravi sounds nice kind of throwing raps here and there too.  Not bad.

As the group’s official debut here in Japan, Error was a solid choice due to how good the song was in Korea and while it might not flow as well as the originl, it’s the song itself that really sticks out!  Seishun Datte is pretty good as the slow song of the single, but I hope their next one comes off a little better with original material.


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