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Tsubaki Factory – Seishun Manmannaka! September 14, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Seishun Manmannaka! (First Take)
  2. Seishun Manmannaka! (Instrumental)

1. Seishun Manmannaka! (First Take)

So we another debut song to contend with huh?  I wasn’t expecting the group to kick things off with Seishun Manannaka! which is more or less in the latest batch of EDM songs, but I don’t mind this because it’s got one of the most badass intros I’ve heard in a while which is something I adore about H!P’s stuff.  The song itself is a pretty simple tune, giving all 6 members solo lines so there’s no straight-up lead.  One of the things that does slightly bother me is that there’s a male robotic voice repeating ~seishun s.e.i.s.y.u.n~ all over the song (it gets a bit annoying towards the end).  Otherwise, this is a pretty solid song!



Wow, another H!P group debuts.  While in a similar status like Kobushi Factory, Tsubaki Factory actually hasn’t fully impressed me like their sister group had.  First, their vocals aren’t all quite there yet (especially Ami Tanimoto’s as she’s kind of the newbie here).  Their first indies, Seishun Manmannaka! isn’t really bad, but it definitely doesn’t beat Juice=Juice, Country Girls, OR Kobushi’s debut singles by a long shot.  With the song being credited as a first take, I assume that when they major debut (or get an album), this song will be updated…so for right now, it’s passable.


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