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LADYBABY – Nippon Manju September 16, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Nippon Manju

1. Nippon Manju

For a song that’s roughly about attractions in Japan, Nippon Manju is just ridiculously random and kind of interesting to listen to.  Rei and Rie are the main singers here of course and they sound kind of good for being young idols.  I think what will interest is their 3rd member, Ladybeard who is an interesting member (I mean an Aussie metalhead in an idol group how badass!).  Luckily, the song itself is pretty catchy and I find Ladybeard amusing yet unique…Sweet deal!!!


As for the B-side, ULTRA☆LUCKY was something I wasn’t expecting because the tune has a somewhat anison/cute vibe which is really surprising for anyone listening.  If you thought Ladybeard was nothing but screams and growls, then you’ll be pleasantly proven wrong as he’s singing alongside Rei and Rie (a total surprise, but a great one!).  I think if he hadn’t sung here, I would compare this to something YuiKaori would’ve released.  It’s an interesting song and totally something out of left field.



Riding on the wave that was first created by BABYMETAL with the mixture of the cutesy idol pop and the soul-crushing heavy metal genres, BABYLADY took it in an interesting route by including a male rocker to kick ass and look pretty in a dress and twintails.  Their debut single, Nippon Manju was very interesting!  The leading song did remind me of BABYMETAL, but at the same time had such a nice, bright energy to it that stuck out to me.  ULTRA☆LUCKY though was cute and took me by surprise by how Ladybeard fit with the other two members.  I can’t wait to see what’s next for the trio!


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