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Aira Mitsuki – LIGHTSAVER September 17, 2015

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Track Listing

  2. I’LL AGAIN..
  3. F.F.C.
  4. LIGHTSAVER (Instrumental)
  5. I’LL AGAIN.. (Instrumental)


Wow, what a great throwback!  It feels just like Aira has never really left because LIGHTSAVER really fits in her discography (more predominantly towards songs she released during “C.O.P.Y.” and “PLASTIC” because it has that kind of gritty techno that she was known before in that time period and oddly enough she isn’t working with Terukado on this, but a group named NUXX who also debuted this year.  I think they did a really awesome job capturing Aira’s essence and this song is a pretty cool example of it!  Definitely a strong A-side for sure!


The B-side though is quite more of the same, but it has a really cool sound to it as well.  I’ve started to notice that I’ve missed Aira’s lisp in songs and it’s just refreshing to have it back with a more raw techno sound. It’s definitely a more club-centric song with a lot of synths flowing in and out through Aira’s vocals and I’m really feeling it a lot!  What a pretty cool song and I honestly enjoyed this a bit more than “LIGHTSAVER”.

3. F.F.C.

Curiously the only song without an instrumental, F.C.C. fits with the other two tracks with the techno/trance vibes and Aira’s vocals are a bit more filtered but that’s good.  Some of the chords of the song kind of remind me of a mix of “Colorful Tokyo Sounds NO.9” and “Sayonara TECHNOPOLiS” with the gritty synths and the previously mentioned chords.  It’s still pretty cool and makes me tap my feet to the beat.  I don’t think it has much excitement going on compared to “LIGHTSAVER” and “I’LL AGAIN..”.

It’s only been 2 years since Aira released her album before going on hiatus and I feel like Aira REALLY came back stronger than ever by releasing LIGHTSAVER (despite it being a digital single of course, later released physically in late October).  All the songs felt like trips back to the days when I first started this blog and reviewed her first singles and album and I loved that about the three songs.  NUXX did a fantastic job capturing that raw and less finessed sound that Aira stuck out from during the haydays of J-tek.  Seems like she wants to bring it back and I’m fully behind this single *RECOMMENDED*


3 Responses to “Aira Mitsuki – LIGHTSAVER”

  1. Jinhwa Says:

    I do not have a chance to listen to this CD yet. Last month, I found a j-pop girl band called Cupitron. I was wondering whether Cupitron counted as J-techno. Or, those three young girls are just regular J-pop?

  2. solarblade Says:

    I think they’d be in the same boat like Perfume, credited as Jtek, but also as an idol group

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