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Larval Stage Planning – Stargazer September 17, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Stargazer
  2. North method
  3. Stargazer (off vocal)
  4. North method (off vocal)

1. Stargazer

I shouldn’t be surprised that Stargazer would be an anison track from LSP, but I wasn’t expecting the song to be kind of this lighthearted cutesy track.  I do love the piano melody taking the leading sound over the kind of anison/dance arrangement here.  Though beyond that, the song kind of falls flat for me…just a little too basic for my tastes and Airi’s vocals aren’t exactly in best form (she took a cuter tone).

2. North method

Which is rather unfortunate for the B-side because it sounds just like the leading track but with a slightly heavier beat and better vocals from Airi.  North method to me does make sense because the leading track is tied to anime titled Sora no Method.  I might consider this more, but it’s not much of an upgrade above “Stargazer”.

So after the album was released, Nami & Rin had both left the group (and I’ve) and essentially left Airi to take the reins over Larval Stage Planning (why the company didn’t just shut the name down and gave Airi a solo career is curious).  The first single Stargazer is definitely bland and kind of cumbersome to me…just the generic anison trip that I’m used to hearing from other artists…I wonder if this could be a transition single for new members to join?


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