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U-KISS – Stay Gold September 17, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Stay Gold
  2. Rock Me
  3. Action (Live version) (Regular only)
  4. Stay Gold (Instrumental)
  5. Rock Me (Instrumental)

1. Stay Gold

Not sure what I was getting into with Stay Gold, but why do I get reminded of Stephanie’s “Winter Gold”?  Yah, the song has this very happy-go-lucky sound (almost wintry feel ironically).  It’s kind of cheesy though and while the vocals are decent as always, I think the kind of shiny, brightness this song has kind of turned me away, plus we’ve just had a song that was a bit similar, “Action”.  Not that great sadly.

2. Rock Me

At least the B-side makes up for a rather disappointing A-side.  I’m loving the angrier sound this has and lets Jun and Eli have a stronger punch in the group.  Plus we brought back the cool vocals from the remaining 4 members which is always something draws me back to the group.  Very cool song overall and REALLY sad it wasn’t the main track of the single!

3. Action (Live version)

Kind of sucks that Action also appears here but a live version found on regular onlys (typical).  Of course not much can be said about the group’s performance that I haven’t said before on previous live performances of their songs but I do still enjoy this song a lot and a live setting really suited everyone here!

As they begin a new era in Japan, U-KISS aren’t really slowing down on their releases and sadly Stay Gold is probably my least favorite of recent times.  The song feels rather uncharacteristic for the group (though it seems they’ve been going through an odd transitional period between Japan and Korea with recent releases.  Rock Me though is pretty badass and sticks out a lot more than I expected.  Also, Action is good live too!  Overall, it’s an OK single, but I kind of expect more on the next one.


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