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VIXX – Can’t say September 17, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Can’t say
  2. Mukae ni Ikou
  3. Can’t say (Instrumental)
  4. Mukae ni Ikou (Instrumental)

1. Can’t say

I wasn’t expecting VIXX to release a lighter pop song (as they’re kind of well-known for their more angsty and edgier concepts in Korea) though I guess you can say “Love Equation” was too since that was their last release as the 6 members.  Can’t say is pretty poppy almost a little 90’s nostalgia behind it with the drum beats and style.  All 6 members do get a good enough set of lines spread between them and I really like hearing Leo and Hyuk’s vocals a lot.  Ravi is here and there with his parts as he has a rather unique voice…overall decent as their first original Japanese track.

2. Mukae ni Ikou

I was kind of expecting a ballad to come out from a title like this, but Mukae ni Ikou is kind of a funkier song for the group!  Though due to that, the Japanese does get slightly muddled due to the accents the guys have.  Though I do think this song is a bit better than “Can’t say” as the group sounds like they’re having a little more fun and the energy is raised by quite a bit too.  I suppose it’s got the better turnout.

VIXX’s 2nd single and I’m happy both songs are of original arrangements this time (not to call out “Error” because it’s such a good song regardless).  Can’t say was an interesting song for them as they kind of rarely do these lighter pop songs.  Though I would say Mukae ni Ikou is a little more towards their style but they haven’t done anything funky since their early days so it’s nice to see a song like this in their collection.  Overall a decent single, but I hope their next one brings out their firepower.


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