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Crystal Kay – REVOLUTION feat. Namie Amuro September 20, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. REVOLUTION feat. Namie Amuro
  2. Shooting Star
  3. hard to say (MSG version)
  4. REVOLUTION (PKCZ Remix feat. SWAY)
  5. REVOLUTION (Instrumental)

1. REVOLUTION feat. Namie Amuro

Oh damn!  We have our two queens finally collaborating for a song!  I was surprised to learn this was credited as a Kuri A-side, but that makes this a lot more cooler.  The track starts quite strongly with piano and some dance beats and Kuri singing her verse before Namie joins in the pre-chorus and then joining together for the chorus.  I’m really loving the fusion of the vocals and they both have almost similar sounding vocals which is pretty epic too.  The tune itself is quite positive sounding and with the lyrical content sharing the feels as well.  Decent track overall and really good for Crystal

2. Shooting Star

So the rest of the single is only Kuri which is fine by me starting with Shooting Star!  I wasn’t expecting the B-side to strike harder than “REVOLUTION” did, but I’m quite interested in this one because Crystal sounds electric and cool alongside the club beats and strong kick.  I almost had a feeling it was something from “FLASH”, but this is a song of its own power and I’m loving tons!  I’m also loving the English from Kuri too, adds a lot more attitude in an already awesome track!

3. hard to say (MSG version)

I was surprised she’d bring back remixes into the fray, more or less of her 8th single, hard to say.  That was over 10 years ago!  Honestly, I’ve never heard the original so this is just a raw take on this remix.  I do like the cooler electronic vibe with the lighter sound of EDM.  Kuri also sounded very smooth alongside the instrumental and while the tune doesn’t gain or lose interest for me, it’s a solid track and one of the nicer songs.


So the single ends with a remix for REVOLUTION which takes the song into a heavier and grittier EDM arrangement and I do think it is a little bit random especially since the song itself was cut up in seperate parts so things like verses aren’t there, but the chorus is still there.  Add that the new section with SWAY is pretty messy too and includes the messy new arrangement too.  Sorry, just not into this one.

As Kuri releases her 2nd and oddly enough final single before her next album, REVOLUTION was a pretty cool single overall.  The collaborative effort between Crystal and Namie has been a thing many fans wanted to see come to fruition and in 2015, it has finally happened!  The song is pretty cool and the message was just as uplifting and sweet.  Shooting Star though was pretty amazing for a B-side though and I hope it makes the album!  The remix for hard to say was pretty cool but the remix for REVOLUTION was pretty unforgiving…Interesting single!


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