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Aya Hirano – Promise September 22, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Promise
  2. Takaramono
  3. Up To Date
  4. Promise -instrumental-
  5. Takaramono -instrumental-

1. Promise

So like the cover and title put in my mind, Promise is a ballad from Aya and we’ve haven’t had one in a long time.  Though I can’t help but feel as if this song is just overly white and generic all over the place.  It’s not Aya’s fault though as she has very pretty vocals for tackling a ballad, but the arrangement is rather trite and lacks any strong footing for me.  Rather unfortunate though this couldn’t have had a more dynamic arrangement.

2. Takaramono

At least things get a little more interesting with Takaramono, add a nice soft dance beat alongside piano and you essentially get this song.  I mean it’s nothing special either though.  Sadly like “Promise”, the song doesn’t really grow much and stays at the same pace (though Aya gets some backup vocals).  Still, the song is kind of playing it rather too safe.

3. Up To Date

Then to somehow wake me up from the slumber I was beginning to have, Up To Date changes things up and ends up sounding something nice and familiar to stuff from her albums.  I’m enjoying the pop/punk sound here and Aya’s vocals sound really solid and stronger than in the previous tracks too!  Suffice to say this is my favorite of the single.

I know I’m rather late for the single, but good lord this is a weak single.  Something about Promise and Takaramono just didn’t work and felt so lazy and generic that it really didn’t work together.  It wasn’t until Up To Date came where there was some light at the end of the tunnel, but even then this could’ve been album fodder for her albums previous.  Considering that she released this in 2013 and releasing her 3rd album “vivid” in 2014…I really wonder if her scandals had basically destroyed her career…


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