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Zwei – Heading For Tomorrow September 22, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Heading For Tomorrow
  2. infinite wish
  3. Heading For Tomorrow (off Vocal)
  4. infinite wish (off Vocal)

1. Heading For Tomorrow

For such a title, I was definitely not surprised it was another anison song from the duo.  Though I do love the light intro with the low-lying synths and piano before Megu and the more aggressive rock kick in which is pretty cool.  Actually as the song continues on, I was more surprised at how slow-moving the tune really was.  I kind of dug this mid-tempo track and it didn’t really sound too anison once the guitars and bass kicked in so it’s a nice change of pace of stuff from their last album.

2. infinite wish

As for the B-side, I was confused by Ayumu’s opening dialogue…that Engrish is pretty bizarre hahaha.  infinite wish quite something else, but has a lot of similarities to “Heading For Tomorrow”, but this one hit stronger and the changes between the light verses and powerful chorus is strong!  I enjoy Ayumu here as her vocals have more color and emotion behind too!  Great B-side overall!

Starting a new era, Heading For Tomorrow is actually a pretty decent single and much better than what they gave us during the “Re:Set” days.  Both tracks are hard-hitting and didn’t feel like anison songs which is a godsend!  Though I prefer infinite wish over the leading song due to it’s much broader sound and strong vocals.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the “NEO MASQUE” era has to offer.


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