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la la larks – Hallelujah September 23, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Hallelujah
  2. Q And A
  3. Shikisai
  4. Hallelujah (Instrumental)
  5. Q And A (Instrumental)
  6. Shikisai (Instrumental)

1. Hallelujah

That cool electronic opening of Hallelujah made me say that exactly!  The tune is a really interesting one having a different kind of non-sfp sound, but the experimentation continued with the chorus by including brass instruments alongside the band which gave this song an AMAZING and robust sound!  I’m really loving the atmosphere of the song and Yumi just sounds heavenly alongside this very wild and exciting track…there’s even a cool guitar solo!  Yeah, this is definitely a song to keep on my iPhone for sure!

2. Q And A

After being blessed with such an A-side, Q And A comes next and this sounds like something the band would have released.  Very familiar chords and arrangements as the song rolls on by and while that’s not a good thing I still can’t get the feeling that somehow school food punishment never really disappeared.  I think I’m pretty content with this a a B-side because if it was the leading song, I probably wouldn’t be as invested in the single otherwise.

3. Shikisai

It seems that fellow artist Maaya Sakamoto contributed to this song (payment back for having some people from sfp doing her A-side, “Buddy” maybe?).  I’m loving the chaotic chords being presented by the piano/keyboard giving this unsettling feel to the track.  As it continues, more of the familiar sounds of the band return, but the arrangement ends up being this wild and dramatic piece and it’s LOVELY, and the drummer is really kicking ass in this song xD.  Definitely a cool B-side and easily could’ve been a leading song!

I’ve been waiting for a new la la larks single for a while and I’m so happy their 2nd single turned out really well, even better than their debut (well “debut”).  Hallelujah blew me away when I first heard it and the different ideas clashing against each other made such a beautiful end product and easily is their best song yet, it even tops a LOT of their sfp stuff!  Same can be said for Shikisai with it’s own take on it’s wild mixture of sounds and chords…it was very cool and artsy for them.  While Q And A is good, it’s a safe song for them and really is the sound a lot of fans are used to from the band…Overall this was just an awesome single *RECOMMENDED*


One Response to “la la larks – Hallelujah”

  1. potato Says:

    “It seems that fellow artist Maaya Sakamoto contributed to this song”

    Actually La La Larks did contributed to Maaya Sakamoto’s Shikisai. This is La La Larks using their own song.

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