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TEMPURA KIDZ – LOLLiPOP September 23, 2015

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Track Listing

  2. Miira Killer


If you want to talk about a catchy song, LOLLiPOP kind of ranks up their for TEMPURA KIDZ.  I’m loving that the vocals of the group aren’t as filtered like their previous singles had them so it feels more natural (well as it can get because the song itself is pretty dance-heavy as their stuff has been otherwise.  I’m a little surprised that there isn’t a whole lot of depth to the song especially with the chorus is repeating the title over and over again.  Still with that being its biggest fault, it’s still catchy and while it’s not as good as “ONE STEP”, this is definitely better than their last single.

2. Miira Killer

Now I’ve heard this song back when it was released but didn’t review it due to it being a digital single and looked more like it was a Charisma.com song (which by the way, this song is a collaboration between the two units).  Listening to it again, I was enjoying the kind of weird 80’s New Wave glow it had plus it sounded a little punkish in some areas.  At first it was hard to figure where TEMPURA KIDZ fit in the pieces because I heard a lot more of Charisma.com here.  Though they are there in the choruses and some lines so it’s a good collaboation in the end!

As the 3rd and last single before their first album, “Tenkomori” releases, LOLLiPOP is a pretty good single for the group!  The main song is really catchy and can easily become an earworm after giving some time and Miira Killer (while old) is a nice coupling song as well giving us a different feel with a collaboration.  Definitely curious to see how this album will turn out!


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