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GACKT – ARROW October 16, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. ARROW
  2. ARROW (Orchestra ver.)
  3. ARROW -Instrumental-
  4. ARROW (Orchestra ver.) -Insrtrumental-


While it hasn’t been too long since we’ve heard a rock mid-tempo track from GACKT, I feel like ARROW did a pretty good job at standing out amongst his collection of songs of the same calibur.  I do like the heavier metal sound though with more emphasis from the percussionist this time around.  I do feel like the song could’ve been released back in the mid-2000s but that’s alright because it changes from the overly dramatic songs he’s been putting out.  Very good song overall and might be my favorite of the A-sides he’s released since “RE:BORN”.

2. ARROW (Orchestra ver.)

For the fans that do enjoy the more recent dramatic takings GACKT has been pulling off, the orchestrated version of ARROW might be just for you!  I really like the atmosphere and arrangement out of this version as it’s so grandiose and well, sounds very Kingdom Hearts-like that it caught my attention quickly.  GACKT’s voice though sounds good and has a lot of character in it for sure!

A year after his last single, “Akatsuki Tsukiyo -DAY BREAKERS-“, ARROW comes in and surprisingly impresses me both ways.  ARROW itself is a good rock track and really shows a more darker side to GACKT’s music while its orchestrated version shows a more dramatic battle-like side (which songs like “ZAN” and the aforementioned single share).  With album on the way in 2016 (FINALLY), I think ARROW closed this era off nicely even if it took 12 singles to get there and Koda Kumi did this in a MUCH shorter time range….damnit GACKT!