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Perfume – STAR TRAIN October 28, 2015

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Track Listing

  3. Imitation World (Limited only)
  4. STAR TRAIN -Original Instrumental-
  5. TOKIMEKI LIGHTS -Original Instrumental-
  6. Imitation World -Original Instrumental-


With the leading song, I was expecting a slower song just from the title alone, and STAR TRAIN is a lot more natural sounding than I was expecting.  I mean acoustic guitar and piano being the front sounding instruments while the Nakata electronics take a bit of a step back.  Actually, I’m not sure why, but this reminds me of a fun. song (the band).  While I don’t think it’s a powerful A-side like “Cling Cling” and “Pick Me Up” were, it’s a nice sentimental track from the group and much needed.


The main B-side, TOKIMEKI LIGHTS was the first song previewed from the single and some thought it was going to be used as the leading song of the tracklist.  On the first couple listens, TOKIMEKI LIGHTS has a VERY similar sound to various Kyarypamyupamyu songs due to the kind of cutesy beats and synth choices with a lot of piano lines.  While I’m not sure that the kind of familiarity to “Family Party” was necessary for Perfume to have, the song itself has a nice wondrous sound alongside an odd dubstep section too.  I think I might slightly prefer this over “STAR TRAIN” but it’s by a very small margin.

3. Imitation World

A small bit of history, Imitation World was a song that’s been known for a long time for Perfume fans, being performed as early around “Computer City’s” release though for some reason was forgotten (alongside “Counter Attraction”) due to some licensing issues.  Now it seems that this song is being revived from the dead!  Almost everything was redone to kind of keep it fresh and up-to-date.  Also the tempo was turned down a bit, but it seems like things are cute and feels like something from “Complete Best” or “GAME”.  Though the latter was due to the song having changed up the arrangement a bit.  It’s nice to see this song reemerge and all, but I think the energy of the original should have stayed the same.



As the 4th single for this era, I’m hoping Perfume is going to release an album next!  When it comes to STAR TRAIN, it’s OK, but nothing too amazing to drool over.  The leading song has a nice sentimental feel to it and while it does stand out better than other A-sides, it’s still not of the same energy from Perfume.  TOKIMEKI LIGHTS is better though, but it sounds like a rejected Kyary song but given that Perfume touch.  Imitation World is a nice idea to bring back, but I think the original arrangement suits it more.  Man, this era has been really ehhhh for me…I just hope they have something in store next.


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