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Aira Mitsuki – Animo! November 1, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Lilily☆Nation
  2. Animo!
  3. Lilily☆Nation (Instrumental)
  4. Animo! (Instrumental)

1. Lilily☆Nation

Surprising to see Aira starts the single with the B-side?  Seems a bit strange xD.  Wasn’t expecting to also have Aira cover a VOCOLOID song (which I’m not sure of its popularity).  From the beginning, the song has a stronger club sound that’s a bit more akin to songs from “???”.  I do feel like Aira’s voice is somewhat more filtered than normal (a stronger amount of auto-tune, personally).  I’m enjoying the arrangement though and the kind of progressive sound is quite enjoyable with Aira’s raspy vocals, it’s definitely unique.  I’m enjoying this quite a bit!

2. Animo!

Then we get into the main course with Animo! and like with the cover song, it’s also quite club-friendly, but also a lot more aggressive than “Lilily☆Nation” which is a nice change of pace.  Actually it sounds something I would’ve loved to see a PV from this song because the punching beats and cool chords is really cool and definitely ranks up their with other songs she’s done that I ended up loving!  I’m not sure why that it reminds me of capsule (more specifically Nakata) but it’s still really decent!

Aira’s 2nd single (coming out surprisingly quickly after “LIGHTSAVER”), Animo! is a pretty good follow-up and she didn’t work with the same producers which is surprising but keeps things fresh and exciting!  Animo! is a pretty awesome electro song and has a lot of the good things I enjoyed.  Lilily☆Nation was pretty good too and I would love to hear it in clubs because I’m loving the beat too!  Great single overall!!