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Smash Bros. November! November 13, 2015

Filed under: ~Video Game Writing~ — solarblade @ 5:55 am

Hey! seems like I needed to update on Smash Bros. after the Nintendo Direct yesterday!!!…but first I should probably also update on the September update as well!

So in September, we didn’t get a new character, but we did get two new stages (though two of them are console/handheld exclusive!

  • Super Mario Maker – To kind of celebrate the release of the rather successful Super Mario Maker there was a stage based on the game released here!  Funny though, as of this post this stage has slopes whereas the actual game lacks it which is REALLY shocking.  Other facts on the stage is that each time you pick it, the layout is always different and plays with the 4 themes from SMB, SMB3, SMW, and NSMBWU (think of the Tortimer Island stage on the 3DS).  It’s a pretty cool stage though and embraces where it comes from…even if its DAMN RECENT!
  • Pirate Ship – We actually didn’t even learn about it until after the update was released, but Pirate Ship is returning from Brawl.  This stage was mad colorful and rather exciting to play on because of the random things that can happen from the ship crashing, getting hit by cannonballs, being lifted into the air by a tornado and more.  Only for the Wii U, it’s a pretty neat stage and happy it was chosen to return.
  • Duck Hunt – Even though I would’ve preferred something else to be included on the 3DS.  I mean it’s nice that the two games share this stage, but eh…it’s an interesting stage but I’ll talk about it more when I review it.

THE BIGGEST NEWS though was from yesterday and the announcement of a new character and stage!


Color me surprised, but Cloud was not the character that I was expected to see join the roster, but I’m still VERY excited and happily will get him.  Now many will clamor about how Cloud hadn’t been in a Nintendo game but he’s been in a couple: KH: Chain of Memories and both Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy games on top of the upcoming Final Fantasy Explorers.  With also the impending release of the FF7 remake, Cloud is definitely seeing an uprise again of relevance.  His moveset does remind me of a mix of Ike and Shulk, but faster than the both.

  • Midgar – Of course with a new character (at least with an original moveset) we get a new stage as well and Cloud’s stage is something else.  At first, it looked like a simple Battlefield clone, but the stage quickly turns the table when the stage hazards (the Summons) join in like Ifrit, Odin, Ramuh, Leviathan, and Bahamut ZERO do their signature attacks and affect the stage in different ways.  Really interesting stage and can’t wait to see it.

After the announcement though, it was announced there’s a special broadcast in December….so it might be the next post I’ll be doing.


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