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alan – Michishirube November 15, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Michishirube
  2. Over the clouds -RESURRECTION MIX-
  3. Michishirube Live version ~alan symphony 2014~
  4. Michishirube (instrumental)

1. Michishirube

I wasn’t expecting alan to come back to Japan, but once again she surprises us with Michishirube (even though this song was released as a digital single earlier back in March of this year).  The tune itself is interesting with the kind of clock ticking behind alan’s light but pleasant vocals.  I do like the marching drums that come in later and we even see a return of the Tibetan yell (even though it’s held back and the echo filters are in use).  It’s a pretty decent song and I like how it’s upbeat but still sounds like a ballad.  Decent track overall!

2. Over the clouds -RESURRECTION MIX-

Seems like the B-side comes in and it’s a remix of Over the clouds (which I can safely says still with avex).  This new mix really places heavy focus on the arrangement by changing it into this aggressive and dubstep-heavy sound.  Despite the short length (2:22), this track makes a unique spin of a song released a while ago

3. Michishirube Live version ~alan symphony 2014~

So it seems like this single also comes with a live version of the A-side!  Really the arrangement sounds almost the same to the studio version, but alan’s vocals do legitimately sound like she’s singing in a microphone.  Though I think the best part is when she does her Tibetan wails as she hits them with confidence.  It’s a pretty decent live version too!

With it being two years since her last single, Michishirube kind of came out of nowhere with little fanfare simply because the leading track has been out since March already.  The single itself is nice though with Michishirube being a lot more like her typical self “Dream Express” was a VERY odd single for here still.  The Over the clouds remix is cool, but pretty short and the live version is well still shows that alan is still an amazing singer all these years later.


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