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RURUTIA – don’t look at the color November 21, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. don’t look at the color
  2. Not Afraid
  3. Little in My Little

1. don’t look at the color

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve heard RURUTIA last, but she quietly brought out a new single for us.  don’t look at the color was definitely not what I expected from her as she takes up rock atmosphere with this song.  The verses sound mysterious and something a bit like “Seirios” was.  Though I also feel like the chorus is a lot more mainstream sounding than other songs she’s done.  Overall, it’s a nice song a nice comeback (hopefully).

2. Not Afraid

Our first B-side sounds a bit more stressful of a song due to its arrangement which is ironically still feels a lot like “don’t look at the color” minus the weird electronic trips.  RURUTIA’s vocals do feel a bit weak here as she’s hitting thin notes here and there (mostly in the chorus) but I still like the guitarwork behind this one.  Though I have to say when she says the title, it’s like she’s saying ~not a fly~…kind of humorous lol!

3. Little in My Little

I’m really curious about RURUTIA’s liking of this echo-like filter that she sings in through all three songs…it’s a bit haunting and yet fits her vocals.  As the ballad of the single, Little in My Little will be familiar to fans of her music and I do really like the acoustic/piano arrangement…A nice haunting song and closes the single nicely!

Wow, it feels like years since RURUTIA, well 3 years since her “NODE for R” album and literally 9 years since her last single, “Reirei Tenohira”…don’t look at the color is a rather obscure and strange timed release for a single.  Overall though it’s interesting seeing her kind of going the OLIVIA route here with both the leading song and Not Afraid taking a more rockin’ sound while keeping Little in My Little as her go-to ballad.  It’s nice, but I feel like I just want more from her on her next release!


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