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Tsubaki Factory – Engeki Joshi-bu Musical “Thank You Very Berry” Original Soundtrack November 28, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Ano Ko ga Utau no wa Mitanda
  2. Kaijuu no Ballad
  3. Thank You Very Berry

1. Ano Ko ga Utau no wa Mitanda

As the first song off the single, Ano Ko ga Utau no wa Mitanda opens up with Maasa singing the first lines, but quickle actual group joins in shortly after.  I’m enjoying the kind-of wintry sound despite the fact it’s quite a Spring song (if we’re going by the cover).  The tune does get a beat after a while for the chorus.  I’m liking most of the vocals involved (Rikoriko sounds odd though, but she always kind of has).  It’s a nice first track overall and Maasa kind of stole the show (sorry Tsubaki!)

2. Kaijuu no Ballad

Of the three songs, Kaijuu no Ballad is the most upbeat of the three, but I was sorely disappointed that it’s only 1:20 in length, but what they got out of it was exciting and that chorus could’ve been amazing if only they had stretched the song out longer…Maybe the rerelease will fix that up?

3. Thank You Very Berry

As the main song for the play, Thank You Very Berry is quite familiar to me especially this year because Berryz Koubou had decided to resing it because this stageplay was originally done by them on their final album.  Tsubaki’s version changes the arrangement around a little bit with harps added in and some more flowing strings and less percussion.  Also the spoken dialogue in the bridge is omitted too.  As for the vocal performance, it was decent, a lot better than what “Seishun Manmannaka!” produced.  They are still a bit weak, but they could handle this tune.



Seeing as a trend of H!P of recent is to release a smaller cut of the OST before bringing in a much fuller release, Tsubaki’s stageplay single is OK for the most part.  Kaijuu no Ballad really needs a longer length because it has a lot of potential going on!  Ano Ko ga Utau no wo Mitanda is decent, but Maasa took a lot of the spotlight here.  Also with Thank You Very Berry, I feel like we were spoiled a bit much after hearing Berryz resinging it earlier in the year, so this feels unfortunately weaker in the long run.  I can only wonder what could be added on the rerelease (which I hope is coming soon).


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