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Namie Amuro – Red Carpet December 3, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Red Carpet
  2. Black Make Up
  3. Red Carpet -Instrumental-
  4. Black Make Up -Instrumental-

1. Red Carpet

I was curious to see what Namie would release next and Red Carpet returns us back to her kind of brand of R&B.  I’m liking it but why does this sound like Kuu’s “HOTEL” just a bit slower?  At least that’s what the chorus is coming off as.  The song doesn’t really do much for me, but it’s a nice return to form if you fans wanted something pre-“PAST>FUTURE”.

2. Black Make Up

The B-side of the single brings us a more dancable track that seems more familar for fans that really enjoyed her last album.  There seems to be more abundance of English as well which kind of surprised me, but at the same time not.  Though I really love the whole ~get your ass outta my life~ line.  Talk about having punch…definitely preferred this song for sure!



As Namie releases a single before the end of 2015, Red Carpet was interesting to say the least.  While I feel like Red Carpet was nostalgic and such, I couldn’t help but think of “HOTEL” for some strange reason, still it’s not the best song she’s done, but I’ll take it.  Black Make Up though was the highlight with the sass and energy behind it.  I just hope it won’t be forgotten on her next album (whenever that’ll happen).


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