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ANGERME – S/mileage / ANGERME SELECTION ALBUM “Taikibansei” December 9, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Taikibansei
  2. Otome no Gyakushuu
  3. Nana Korobi Ya Oki
  4. Mahou Tsukai Sally
  5. aMa no Jaku
  6. Watashi no Kokoro
  7. Yattaruchan
  8. Gashinshoutan
  9. Thank You! Crème Brûlée no Yuujou
  10. Jitensha Chiririn
  11. Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu
  12. Yuugure Koi no Jikan
  13. Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabanchou
  14. Kousaten (Regular only)
  15. Namida wa Chou ni Kawaru (Limited A only)
  16. Marionette 37°C (Limited B only)
  17. Tomo yo (Regular only)
  18. Kakugoshite (Limited A only)
  19. Asesaite Carnival (Limited B only)

1. Taikibansei

No surprise that the album would begin with the title track, Taikibansei (which is a Takui Nakajima cover, sort of, meaning this came out first though Takui was woring on his version first).  As the debut for Rikako, Mizuki, and Maho…this song did quite a good job.  Well, it was a pretty good song to celebrate new beginnings but in showing off the new members only Murotan managed to pull off a strong solo line (alongside Ayacho).  Still, this song is exciting and VERY refreshing for the group…ahhh just an amazing way to kick this album off!

2. Otome no Gyakushuu

Of course they would put its sister A-side as the 2nd track!  Otome no Gyakushuu was the more mysterious and goth song and I loved it as well!  There’s something so sinister with the opening and pre-verse lines that’s so cool.  Though I think I was entranced by the verses themselves (once again showing off Murotan more than the other two members).  I also heard more Kanana and Rinapuu here which fascinated me too!  I will say that the interlude (where Maho has her visual solo) was a bit out of left field, but I still think this was a cool song for them to have.

3. Nana Korobi Ya Oki

Moving to their 2nd single of 2015, Nana Korobi Ya Oki took the energy and amped up quite a bit and honestly suited coming after “Otome no Gyakushuu” with some similar themes going on.  The twist to this song though is that Rikako, Rinapuu, and Nyon weren’t involved very much lyrically (they whispered the title before verses and the ending too).  That being said, the remaining 6 singers were fitting and just won me over!  Even Maho managed to impress me (being her first time getting a solo).  Great song overall!

4. Mahou Tsukai Sally

Despite being a triple A-side (will explain later), we skip over “Gashinshoutan” for the time being and enter the anime theme cover for Mahou Tsukai Sally.  Focusing on the 3 new members, I was a bit shocked the decision was put upon Murotan, Rikako, and Aiai to have majority of the solos (besides Ayaka and Kanon’s dialogue in the interlude).  The song itself is interesting giving this kind of silly jig kind of sound.  It’s definitely a magical song though and the hooks are REALLY earworm-y.

5. aMa no Jaku

The rest of the album are songs chosen by all 9 members (as in before Nyon graduated and Moe joined).  I could easily guess that Ayacho chose this song and I can’t blame her as this is S/mileage’s debut song!  Jumping from the most recent songs ALL THE WAY back to 2009.  Being when it was just Ayacho, Nyon, Yuukarin, and Sakitty…aMa no Jaku sounds a lot more thoughtful and nostalgic to many in that time period.  I still like the sort-of anison feel to it, but then hearing the 4 members is just so nice.  It’s a catchy song and I’ve grown to enjoy the 4 voices more than I did back when I first reviewed this single.

6. Watashi no Kokoro

I’m really not surprised that Kanon chose Watashi no Kokoro (a song from the group’s “② Smile Selection” album) simply because Kanon did a solo version of it during their “SMILE FANTASY!” stageplay.  I mean despite the fact that it’s a ballad, I am a little bored by this song but H!P ballads rarely capture my attention so unfortunately it’s a bit of a bummer.

7. Yattaruchan

Another choice I saw coming, Kanana chose Yattaruchan and it’s easy to see why…it’s because she’s all over this song!  I really enjoy the whole spazzy sense of the song and it’s quirky enough to just stick to my mind like glue.  I’m just fascinated with how happy Kana was with this song and for good reason, its a fun, decent A-side from the group.

8. Gashinshoutan

Chosen by Takechan, I was actually a little confused why she chose the 2nd A-side from their last single.  Regardless, this song is also quite quirky and just fun to listen to.  Kicking off with a nice lengthy solo from Kanon, this song eventually brings everyone in ANGERME into a solo line fest and I’m loving it tons.  It’s a song that brought back the silly and unique sounding group that has been for quite a while a little bit more mature.

9. Thank You! Crème Brûlée no Yuujou

Of all the choices, I actually was surprised by Rina’s choice.  Taking the B-side from the group’s major label debut single, “Yumemiru 15sai”, It actually took me a while to remember what it supposed to sound like.  Finally relistening to it, this track is pretty genki and fitting for the back then 4-nin S/mileage.  Though, I think it’s the strange song on this album because of it’s almost sugary anison cuteness.  Though I’m happy that something as obscure as this made the tracklist.

10. Jitensha Chiririn

I guess the same could be said about this song (B-side from “Uchouten LOVE”) but I had just reviewed it earlier in the year because Takechan did a solo from once again…, “SMILE FANTASY!”.  I like the music-box intro and the kind of mid-tempo “Aruiteru”-ish kind of arrangement that we do get.  Being the final B-side to include Saki, this song is kind of sad to listen to, but still ultimately B-side material.  I think it’s one of their better ones though.  I’m just surprised Meimi chose this and not Takechan…

11. Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu

Getting into the new girls’ choices we begin with Murotan’s and she chose the A-side that came before she joined the group (and subsequently the name change).  It was a pretty cool song with the electronics and sexy saxophone filling the speakers.  Being mostly sung by Ayacho and Takechan, this tune was just a cool song for the group to tackle.  Definitely one of the cooler songs from the compilation.

12. Yuugure Koi no Jikan

So Maho’s choice is also a little on the strange side, another song from “② Smile Sensation”, Yuugure Koi no Jikan was one of the more cuter upbeat songs from the album and while I respect Aiai for choosing an album song, it’s not one that I enjoy really.  I do like how the song slightly resembles Berryz’ old song, “21ji Made no Cinderella” by arrangement and such, but beyond that…not that memorable of a song.

13. Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabanchou

Last, but not least, we have Rikako’s choice which is also not surprising that she chose this because she’s performed this solo during her recital test (way before she joined the group, back in her Kenshuusei days).  Being the B-side from “Samui ne.”, this was a much edgier song with guitars and powerful vocals.  It’s another decent B-side with some good vocals and good group chemistry going on.

14a. Kousaten

So most fans are mostly going to get this due to 6 new songs (although it’s stretched in half by three albums (2 per version).  Currently, it seems like ANGERME is only promoting this song and “Tomo yo” (the Regular edition exclusives) and that’s kind of a bummer because the limited editions were much more interesting.  Kousaten by fans seem like it’s the “Mikaeri Bijin” of the release as it’s sung only by everyone but Kanon.  I do like the arrangement a bit better than “Watashi no Kokoro” but it’s still quite simple as things go.  It’s OK, but forgetful.

14b. Namida wa Chou ni Kawaru

Next up is the Limited exclusives and Namida wa Chou ni Kawaru definitely takes a page from Juice=Juice’s “Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS” almost to a strong point.  Though I don’t think it has the same footwork to make it pop out much stronger.  I’m not sure if the chorus works with this song, but I’m liking the verses (Maho sounds a little odd  though).  Still, the latin flair is kind of cool and something the group hasn’t tackled really.

14c. Marionette 37°C

I’m starting to wonder if Kanon didn’t take part in any of these songs as I haven’t heard her in any of the songs.  Anyways, Limited B has this song which has a cool goth-y flair to it and I’m surprised to hear a lot of Rikako and Rinapuu in this track, but it somehow works (and I do love the Halloween waltz-like atmosphere here.  It’s one of the more unique efforts for the group and I’m just surprised it’s not being promoted and such.

15a. Tomo yo

So the other song that’s been performed is actually sounding more like an encore song for performances due to its high energy, positive lyrics and just overall appearance.  It’s a lot more punchy than even “Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabanchou” but I’m fine with that.  It’s actually a bit like Momusu’s “Namidacchi” minus the ballad-y sections.  It’s interesting though.

15b. Kakugoshite

I’m not sure where to even start with this one, I actually still am on the fence with this one.  Lot of the hook bothers me and is kind of repeated too much for my enjoyment, but the chorus is pretty good though.  The arrangement is kind of strange and I’m not sure where they want to take it.  I’m a bit confused from this song.

15c. Asesaite Carnival

Closing the album out, it seems like they were trying to carve out anoher song similar to “Namida wa Chou ni Kawaru” by being a little latin as well, but the arrangement is much more happier and brighter in comparison.  I quite enjoyed the song and it’s so much fun (though the dubstep parts are so unnecessary).  Cool track!

Tracks Recommeded

  • Taikibansei
  • Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu
  • Asesaite Carnival
  • Otome no Gyakushuu
  • Nana Korobi Ya Oki

Song of Avoidance

  • Watashi no Kokoro

Strange to see myself reviewing this best album, but there’s a lot of new stuff or songs that haven’t been put on an album, so I thought I’d get it out of the way.  SELECTION ALBUM “Taikibansei” is a bit strange overall with the whole concept.  I kind of figured that the older songs would’ve been updated with the current 9-nin (though with Kanon shortly leaving after the release, I suppose it’d be moot unless it was just the remaining 8, or held it off to include Kamiko).  I thought the 9 of them mostly chose good songs, if not a bit too predictable for some (Nyon, Ayacho, Rikako, Kanana).  The 6 new tracks are pretty cool too and nice reasons to buy it, still would’ve loved a 3rd studio album over this, but eh.


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  1. jinhwa Says:

    Thank you for your introduction of the group. For me, this girls group is new to me. I like this album very much. Besides the 1st song, there are a lot of good songs.

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