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The Final Smash Bros. Direct December 16, 2015

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So the time has finally come and the Smash Bros. DLC is coming to an end, but they’re going out with a band with the final two characters!  So let’s jump in and take a look at what was revealed.


So the direct actually opens up with a debut trailer for Corrin, who is a character not a lot of people were guessing to join at least until Smash 5 but this avatar (akin to Robin) dawns from Fire Emblem: Fates (which at this point of time is not released in US just quite yet).  While it does at first glance seem like we get ANOTHER sword-user, Corrin also uses a lot of interesting moves that makes him (or her) turn into a water dragon and uses a lance (and that sword looks more like a chainsaw)!  While I personally didn’t know who this was due to the lack of info from Fates, it’s an interesting inclusion.


After the breakdown of Cloud during the direct and after some interesting Mii Fighter costumes, we finally get to our FINAL character to be included in Smash WiiU/3DS and it’s the ballot winner, Bayonetta.  While many don’t believe she actually won (though taking 1st in Europe and making top 5 in US), this was a surprise to many!  Taking a combo role, Bayonetta is pretty tricky and looks as flashy as she does in her games.  I’m working on getting through the two gmes currently, so the timing is pretty damn amazing!!!

  • Umbra Clock Tower – What turned out to be the final stage to be included, Bayonetta’s stage takes place from the first game in the introduction and that’s pretty bangin’!  Taking place on top of a platform falling, it goes on a vertical dive where other platforms may join and other enemies from the series make a cameo.  It’s pretty unique as it goes though!

Now with everything said is done, I can do a pretty epic review and look-in the game once February comes!  So look forward to that!


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