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BoA – Lookbook December 20, 2015

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Track Listing

  1. Lookbook
  2. Kiss My Lips
  3. Meri Kuri (Happy 15th Anniversary Ver.)
  4. Lookbook (inst)
  5. Kiss My Lips (inst)

1. Lookbook

I was waiting for BoA to come back with something hot after the rather impressive “WHO’S BACK” album and unfortuantely “FLY” wasn’t that song, but when it comes to Lookbook, this song is pretty fierce and the energy that BoA had when releasing her Korean stuff has finally come back with this one.  It’s a pretty upbeat and dance-heavy track and while the title is a little odd, I found this to be a strong song from her and one of the better sons in her discography!

2. Kiss My Lips

I wasn’t surprised though that the first B-side up is a Japanese self-cover of Kiss My Lips (which was the main promotional song from her last Korean album).  Unlike the edgy and fast-paced “Lookbook”, this one has a more sultry vibe going for it and we get to hear BoA’s soothing vocals in her element!  I will say that synth intro threw me off a lot more than it should, but the song beyond that is cool and sexy!  Definitely a cool track as well!

3. Meri Kuri (Happy 15th Anniversary Ver.)

Another version of Meri Kuri?  It seems we always come back to this song for some reason doesn’t it?  Being the song a lot of people think of when it comes to BoA, Meri Kuri is a classic for her and I can’t deny it, but for some reason the song changed once again to fit the Christmas season a lot more than the original with piano and strings and jingle bells and other Christmas chords and fun stuff.  I don’t think it stands up to the original which is a given, but if you’re looking for a good song to celebrate the holidays, this is a good song for you.



While it hasn’t been a very long time since her last release, Lookbook is actually a solid single!  I mean the leading track is badass and just a return to form for BoA.  Adding Kiss My Lips was a good choice and added more oomph to the single as well.  Though the inclusion of another version of Meri Kuri was maybe a little too soon (suits the season, but we already have a couple versions of it…).  Overall it’s a great single!


One Response to “BoA – Lookbook”

  1. Eh, nothing too great here. “Lookbook” was just okay, I never cared for “Kiss My Lips”, and the original “Meri Kuri” was better. Still, BoA is scarce these days, so I’ll take what I can get. :/

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