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Momoiro Clover Z – Koyoi, Live no Moto de January 15, 2016

Filed under: Momoiro Clover Z — solarblade @ 5:04 am


Track Listing

  1. Koyoi, Live no Moto de
  2. Koyoi, Live no Moto de (off vocal ver.)

1. Koyoi, Live no Moto de

Of course, Momoclo would have to pull out their Winter card for the year and here we have Koyoi, Live no Moto de.  It actually reminds me of past songs, but the acoustic guitar is a nice touch!  I know this isn’t a song the group is going to put out too much effort for (unlike their main singles), but this sounded a bit dated and kind of lame in some places.



I was wondering why this single was so bare when compared to all of their previous Winter limited singles, but this one was lacking!  I wasn’t really feeling this song and the typical sounds of the season just pulled it down further than it should.  I’m kind of happy it won’t be on any album any time soon.


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