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Momoiro Clover Z – Seishunfu January 15, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Seishunfu
  2. Hashire! -Z ver.-
  3. Yuku Haru Kuru Haru
  4. Link Link
  5. Seishunfu (off vocal ver.)
  6. Hashire -Z ver.- (off vocal ver.)
  7. Yuku Haru Kuru Haru (off vocal ver.)
  8. Link Link (off vocal ver.)

1. Seishunfu

Never thought I’d see Momoclo release a ballad for an A-side, but here we are with Seishunfu.  The song is pretty unexpected and all 5 members are singing the song in unison which may or may not interest people (though there are solo lines in it) though there’s also a background choir behind them which helps out the already minimalistic arrangement of just piano and it’s until 2 minutes pass when drums enter the fray.  It’s a bit out there for Momoclo just on a musical level, but I was surprised they took the jump for a more dramatic ballad.

2. Hashire! -Z ver.-

The first B-side is funny enough a self-cover of a B-side from their first major label single, “Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo”.  Of course the biggest difference is that Akari Hayami is gone, but we still got some other changes like the piano inclusion and rearranged solo lines for the group.  After going on this ride with Momoclo, returning to Hashire! is like going back to when the group wasn’t batshit crazy and just idols that really liked their music.  It’s great they brought this back even if I wasn’t too thrilled with it back then.

3. Yuku Haru Kuru Haru

Considering that the other B-sides and “Seishunfu” were tied to the same movie, I was worried it was going to be a ballad-heavy single.  Yuku Haru Kuru Haru is a much lighter affair than I expected, but it’s not as eye-raising as the A-side.  The arrangement is bright and kind of folksy (a little), and pretty upbeat.  Not going to lie though, the song is actually grown on me immensely and just has this GREAT Springtime feel…what unexpected (but pleasant surprise)!

4. Link Link

I’m not sure if I like whoever opens the song, but unlike the other movie songs, this one is pretty much sounding like a wintry song (which we have plenty of, thanks Momoclo).  This just kind of screams of sugar and cutesy stuffs which is unfortunate since it doesn’t do much for me at all.



As the 4th single, Seishunfu was quite the departure for the group and like “Naitemo Iin da yo”, something that Momoclo really hasn’t done yet (at least for a leading track).  Seishunfu is interesting being a chorale song and the girls are nice sounding even if they are kind of laying back in the vocals.  Link Link though was pretty generic and boring to me, but the highlights were definitely the update Hashire! and Yuku Haru Kuru Haru for sure…both songs actually did well for me and they sound pretty good in both tracks!


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