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4TE – Leave A Message January 26, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Leave A Message

1. Leave A Message

Wow, what a shift of style when it comes to their 3rd song, Leave a Message.  It’s definitely taking a different ride by having a mix of this funky 80’s vibe with its bass and the flow has a certain K-pop meets J-pop meets club banger!  I think the mix is pretty damn classy and just shines a new light to the group.  I have to say though Jenny’s rap is just bangin’ and is a VERY edgy and sassy rap at that (which is not something that’s done as well as this in other J-pop groups).  I also liked Chii’s addition too (she’s kind of reminding me of Rika Ishikawa of former Morning Musume fame, from the cute, innocent, but sharp attitude, though she has a much better tone overall).  I did notice Mei in the bridge and Micchi towards the end which is great as they show some nice line distribution as well!  Great song and a nice departure from the last single.



As the groups 2nd single, Leave A Message like I said is a total departure from their debut, by being edgier, sassier, and just taking names!  I was surprised of the switch of sound, but I think it shows variety in a group and this means 4TE can really handle a good portion of styles.  The tune is just a true club-banger and their producer,  PromWolf is probably someone I should follow as this song is just really good musically!


3 Responses to “4TE – Leave A Message”

  1. jinhwa Says:

    Thank you for introducing a new group. I thought they are from Korea first, because of their name.
    Then I found out on the internet…..

    So, it is a very interesting J-pop group.

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