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4TE – M O R E/Ippo Zutsu January 26, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. M O R E
  2. Ippo Zutsu
  3. M O R E (Instrumental)
  4. Ippo Zutsu (Instrumental)

1. M O R E

Opening quietly with a lovely solo from Mei, I wasn’t expecting the track to move from a slow start to a nicely paced electropop sound in amongst the veins of D-topia (well was D-topia) and a little bit of Perfume, FEMM and even FAKY.  I really found myself mesmerized by the arrangement and even the quartet managed to pull me into their world with a cool, but sensual sound too.  Could I say that Chii’s little sung monologue was just awesome and fits the tune like a glove!  I do find that Mei, Micchi, and Jenny also brought a nice overall sound.  Overall, it’s a pretty catchy song and I was surprised at how together they feel as a group at debut!

2. Ippo Zutsu

With the other A-side, Ippo Zutsu has more of a floaty arrangement that definitely sounds a bit more familiar towards like Yun*chi and some of the indies acts that I follow, but that’s alright with me!  Vocally, it’s a bit safe including those auto-tune/filters which usually only fit these electropop songs, but I think it gives the song a more cuter vibe as oppose to “M O R E’s” more dance style.  I do notice there’s a lot of Mei in the song and Jenny/Micchi having secondary here, but the auto-tune makes it slightly difficult, but at least they’re doing melodies to seperate the two so it really makes a lot of sense otherwise.  Fun and dreamy tune here!



As the group’s debut, I was surprised to see that the group while 4-members strong are actually far apart as Mei lives in California while the other 3 live in Texas.  I wouldn’t have known that if it wasn’t for the PVs for these songs (especially M O R E).  The single itself is actually really pleasant, while treading on the current sounds of technopop, it’s still something I always welcome!  I can definitely see myself just tapping my toes or nodding my head listening to both.  Can’t wait to see what’s next for the group!


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