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Mami Kawada – Contrail ~Kiseki~ January 28, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Contrail ~Kiseki~
  2. Halfway
  3. Contrail ~Kiseki~ (Instrumental)
  4. Halfway (Instrumental)

1. Contrail ~Kiseki~

I have to say I’m surprised with Mami’s recent switch of styles and I’m not sure if I quite like it a whole ton.  Unlike the past where she’d put out something electronic or something rockin’ and dark, Contrail seems to follow the path that her last A-side, “Gardens” by having a more standard anison which bores me quite a lot in these days.  I do like that it has more synths and beats over said song, but I still don’t feel like it really stands out amongst her past endeavors.

2. Halfway

I was a little more curious to see what would come out of Halfway, but it’s really more of the same if not a little slower than the leading track.  I’m not sure what was going on with this song, but I feel like it was just a clone and there’s nothing much to really catch on with it.



I wonder what’s going on with Mami and her recent slump in A-sides because this is the single A-side that I didn’t care for at all (yet, her album between these two singles was her best so far???).  Yeah, while “Gardens” survived through its B-side, neither tracks from Contrail did much of anything for me.  How unfortunate!  Though, one of my readers mentioned that she’s retiring in with a last performance in May, if this is her final single, then this was a pretty mediocre way to say goodbye IMO.



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