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FLOW – Steppin’ out February 3, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Steppin’ out
  2. Aoki Hoshi
  3. Niji no Sora -Beautiful Sky mix-
  4. Steppin’ out -TV size-
  5. Steppin’ out -Instrumental-

1. Steppin’ out

I feel like when FLOW steps into the use of synths in their music, it’s a mix of what could come out of it.  I wasn’t expecting the song to be a lot more lighter than I expected but as an anime theme, it suits the Durarara!! series and is it strange that it reminds me of “Tokonatsu Endless” in some ways?  I like the feel of the song and well the section with KEIGO and the arrangement shifting to a more waltz-like section was just so out of nowhere but funny!  It’s definitely something different for the band and quite unique amongst their A-sides so it definitely left its mark on me in a great way!

2. Aoki Hoshi

The B-side Aoki Hoshi is a little more of the synth style, but it’s a lot more relaxed of a song that I was expecting from FLOW (again).  It’s got a lot more of a soothing and smooth arrangement with both singers slightly laid upon some auto-tune and filters.  The chorus sounds good as it includes some ~whoaaas~ from the band.  This actually isn’t a bad song and one of their better light songs out there.  Personally, it would sound great as a closing to a live performance.

3. Niji no Sora -Beautiful Sky mix-

It’s been a while, but we’ve got a remix, this time of their previous A-side, Niji no Sora.  Unlike the bright nature of the original, this remix actually changes the tune to a ballad with a piano leading the brigade.  I do fully appreciate the fact that KOHSHI and KEIGO resung the track to suit the slower tempo and general emotional pace it has.  I still do LOVE the original, but this alternate take is quite decent and it’s pretty rare to see FLOW do a full-on ballad like this!



As the 2nd and last single before their next album, “#10” releases, Steppin’ out is a pretty bizarre single for the band.  I was expecting the normal to come out of this due to the anime tie-in, but Steppin’ out is quite different and original for the band to tackle as well as Aoki Hoshi and I thought the ballad remix of Niji no Sora was quite decent as well.  I’m curious to see what the album will bring us though.


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