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Pokemon! Gen 7 or 6.5??? February 15, 2016

Filed under: ~Video Game Writing~ — solarblade @ 7:08 am

So with the recent announcement of Magearna, I thought it was time to really sit down and talk about the things that have happened after the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (and yes I’m still planning to make a post about the Megas from that game soon!)

So while there hasn’t been too much information about whether things will focus on a new generation or the long-awaited 3rd game to close the 6th Gen and really there’s been things pulling from both sides of the coin that I like to talk about!  *mostly Pokemon based*…so shall we get started?



You know, it’s been over 2 years since X & Y released and we still don’t have a legitimate version of the final event Pokemon (though it has been announced to be the focus of the next movie that’s going to be released in the year).  Though I’m sure that it’ll have an alternate forme (like Hoopa and Diancie), I’m just wondering what’ll be of this ‘mon as it’s still a pretty awesome looking beast of a Pokemon…this was what initially made me think of a Pokemon Z…but then…

Ash’s Greninja / AZ’s Floette


Maybe I should start with AZ’s Floette…we haven’t even had an event for this guy yet and he’s able to be owned in the games and there’s event text based around it in both X/Y and OR/AS so it’s lack of being shown off yet is quite curious and even it’s signature move is seen and can be used in Metronome so it’s a VERY strange situation.

As for the Greninja, this is more of the curiosity if it’s supposed to warrant a new thing for the Pokemon games (although I could live with this being a Mega Greninja as well).  It just seems strange for a different design chosen for the anime have that much importance (makes me also wonder what will come out of this.  Honestly these two things are just kind of in the grey and made no difference on if a new gen or an updated gen will happen!

Zygarde Formes


The thing that REALLY makes me think there’ll be a Z version is definitely the upgrades that Zygarde has on top of his normal look (which is actually Zygarde at half power and turns into that GUNDAM-like monstrosity on the bottom right.  I kind of figured that the fact this legendary has 4 new formes (5 if the blue-hexagonal core form counts) exists there has to be focus on it and I mean HEAVILY focused on.  So this was what led me to believe the next game is Z or something like what B2/W2 did.



However!  Just in the past couple days, we received a pretty interesting surprise in the form of Magearna!  While there’s little information about it beyond being an important part of the movie alongside Volcanion, this guy is shrouded in mystery!  Some people have said that it does look a little like Diancie met with a Klink, it’s pretty neat and it seems that it’ll easily be a Steel type at the least, it just looks like it’ll connect somewhere.  Since it isn’t in the files of either X/Y or OR/AS (as well as the new Zygarde formes)…many people seem to have decided it’s a 7th Generation happening, but I feel like that isn’t the case as we still haven’t got Volcanion yet (which should’ve happened already before a new generation is set).  Still I can’t wait to learn more about it!

What do you guys think?  Are we in for the 2nd half of the 6th Generation or are we barging into a new generation entirely to celebrate the series’ 20th year???


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