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Kanon Wakeshima – Love your enemies February 17, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Love your enemies
  2. killy killy JOKER (re-mix ver.)
  3. world’s end, girl’s rondo (re-mix ver.)
  4. Love your enemies (instrumental)

1. Love your enemies

With an introduction that’s pretty dramatic,my attention was pulled in real quickly by the fast pace and liveliness Kanon was showing through the entire song on top of the return of her cello solos!  It’s definitely already much better than her last couple of A-sides with the amount of energy and spice Kanon spilled into the song.  It’s something that she really needed and it was pretty good, maybe her best since she redebuted onto her new label.

2. killy killy JOKER (re-mix ver.)

Though I was surprised to see the remainder of the single are just remixes of past A-sides of the “Tsukinami” era.  I was curious because remixes are few and far between in her discography.  The song opens up with a really haunting and creepy introduction with Kanon’s wispy vocals.  Though the song turns into a electronic beat-fest that almost falters into noise-pop a little, but it’s shortlived as it smooths out for Kanon to tackle the verses.  Though the chorus is just a rave party that hits VERY hard…interesting idea and I could get behind it a bit!

3. world’s end, girl’s rondo (re-mix ver.)

The other remix is for world’s end, girl’s rondo and it begins quite nicely with a smooth techno vibe and Kanon’s voice sounding a bit VOCALOID in execution.  While it isn’t as black and white with its direction like the “killy killy JOKER” remix, this is pretty cool and I could definitely enjoy this a LOT more in the long run as there’s a lot of tricks going on.



Wow, I was coming into this single thinking it would’ve been a bland single after how slightly disappointed I was with both “RIGHT LIGHT RISE” and “Kimi wa Soliel”.  Love your enemies is by far the best of the 3 A-sides she’s released so far and really is showing that Kanon can still do great music if she did it right and use her talents to fill in the otherwise anison gaps she has now.  The remixes were surprising, but definitely better than other artists who do them a lot.  Now I’m curious if there’s an album on the rise soon or what!


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