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Pokemon 7th Generation announced!…or is it still 6.5?….No, it’s 7th Generation!!! February 26, 2016

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So, this morning Pokemon had a 6-minute Nintendo Direct (a bit too short) and finally announced the next iteration to this series that’s celebrating its 20th Anniversary!  Not much really came out about the game unfortunately beyond concept art and some computer work for what could be the bird Pokemon of this new region (well maybe?).  Also, for those curious, I’m definitely getting Moon!

I suppose another thing that is pretty big is that the digital releases of the original Red / Blue / Green / Yellow WILL BE compatible with Pokemon Bank and have the Pokemon transfer to S/M (which is beyond strange because of the originals having no natures, abilities, and the special stat being one section as opposed to the two now, and ESPECIALLY Missingno.

The big question is will it still be a part of the Kalos arc because there was so many open plot lines and more included with all those Zygarde forms and the lack of Volcanion still!  But I figured with Magearna being a thing, it was bound to happen.  I just think that maybe it’ll be like G/S/C where Kalos makes a reappearance…but there’s one thing for certain…

I definitely want more Pokemon than what we got in X/Y…at least 100 would be OK…

I’ll come back with more information once Corocoro of next month releases!  HYPED!!!!!


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