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Super Junior – Devil/Magic March 4, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Devil
  2. Magic
  3. Devil (Inst)
  4. Magic (Inst)

1. Devil

Seems like the group fell back again on technically re-transladed songs from their most recent Korean albums and just threw them as a single.  Luckily, I actually dug this a lot more than I did with “MAMACITA (AYAYA)” altogether.  I already liked Devil just from hearing it in Korean, but the Japanese version is pretty decent too with all of the smooth vocals coming together (which really is surprising that the group is singing in a more wispy tone).  Also I finally noticed Shindong in the song above other guys…wows!

2. Magic

As the leading song from the rereleased Korean album, Magic was a much lighter affair going for the kind of cuter vibe for the guys!  I kind of like the jazzy vibes on top of the smoky vocals especially from Yesung and Shindong for sure!  It has been a while since the group has tone such a poppy song, but it’s definitely welcome!



As the single before the group enters a strange hiatus (due to 5 of the members on military leave: Sungmin (who wasn’t involved in the single), Eunhyuk, Donghae, Shindong, and Siwon), I understood the rush of putting this single out before they left, though I’m still a bit disappointed they couldn’t muster up an original song for this release.  For what we got though was two pretty decent songs from the normal offering sounds from Devil to the more fun vibes of Magic, it’s definitely their best single so far in this era.


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