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Tsubaki Factory – Tsubaki Factory SOUND & VISION Vol. 1 March 30, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Seishun Manmannaka!
  2. Kedakaku Sakihokore!
  3. 17sai
  4. Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru-hen~

1. Seishun Manmannaka!

Opening the mini-album is their indies debut!  Although, I’m surprised they didn’t call it a second take, especially how they made it important enough to call their actual indies single a “First Take”.  I have to say, the song is still quite catchy and as upbeat as the original, the only changes are the fact it was resung and the final ~manmannaka~ has some vocal layers this time and not so much that being a Kiki solo.  Overall, I have to say this update is nice, but maybe not needed?  I don’t know, but I do enjoy this track a lot!

2. Kedakaku Sakihokore!

Then we move to their 2nd indies single and the song is a lot more edgy and cool to listen to.  Taking up the role as another EDM song for the group, not much has changed on my opinion of this track since the single release so I still love Yumeno and Risa’ rapping section to the catchy verses and chorus.  It’s a track that really shows off a lot of personality and force, very impressive song!

3. 17sai

Then we jump back to the group’s actual first song they performed, a classic by Chisato Moritaka (well it was done earlier by Saori Minami in the 70s, but it’s based off of Moritaka’s 80s version).  The track is just as upbeat and synth-driven and it’s a pretty bouncy song for the group (which I could say for the previous two tracks as well).  However, this brightness given by the arrangement makes things feel somewhat fresh and I enjoy that the members sound a LOT better than they did debuting with it despite being obviously pitched higher than its live performances.  It’s just great we’re finally getting a studio version of it though!

4. Cabbage Hakusho ~Haru-hen~

The mini-album closes out with with a surprising cover of a SATOYAMA track (makes sense because the mini was released at a SATOYAMA event before its general release).  Interesting they chose the updated version over the original, but honestly the track sounded better this way (even better without Riho or Ayaka involved).  I still do think that excerpt of “Furusato” is beyond song damaging, but otherwise the song sounds better with these 6 tackling it.  Oh yeah, a ballad for once!!



Tsubaki’s first mini-album is a bit short with only 4 songs (I’ve seen H!P singles being longer), but for what we’ve got it was decent (plus the fact that the 4 songs had PVs, was great too!).  Very happy with their turnout even if many fans aren’t still on the train for them.  Though, I could be happier with more songs…


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