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Saoriiiii – NOSTALGY April 12, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Retro Train
  2. Chaplin Orchestra
  3. Valentine tonight
  4. O・ma・ji・na・i
  5. Dancing Through the Night
  6. Minato-machi Love Song
  7. Chaplin Orchestra (Cube Juice remix)

1. Retro Train

I suppose Retro Train acts as the introduction to the mini-album and it starts slow, but quickly gets a faster pace which is pretty awesome, but lyrically it’s a little repetitive especially towards the end.  Still, I think it could’ve been a great song if it was a little longer, but what we have is decent (feels like a continuation of “Thanks”).

2. Chaplin Orchestra

It is strange that “Retro Train” transitions into Chaplin Orchestra like a brick wall since the tune is a departure from Saori’s EDM-friendly stuff.  Going for more of a jazzier/bossa nova vibe with Chaplin Orchestra, many fans will be really surprised that there’s no electro (besides Saori’s vocals) but this is quirky and original and I kind of love this jolly style she’s adopted…happy she chose this to promote the album (and HELL YES for a PV for this!!).

3. Valentine tonight

At first I thought our next track was going for the same style that “Chaplin Orchrestra” was going for, but I quickly got that thought dashed when Saori started singing as it goes into a REALLY interesting sound of creepy Halloween-esque woo-ings.  It’s something so unexpected and I love it a lot!  What a cool idea for a song and it’s currently my favorite on the mini.

4. O・ma・ji・na・i

Then I start to notice the mini shifting back towards more familiar settings with O・ma・ji・na・i.  This has a lot of bloops and weird synth moments that somehow makes sense when put together.  It feels like a Katamari song actually, with all those weird moments colliding together.  I’m not quite sure what to think, but it’s not a bad thing because I felt like she was going for that…weird, but interesting song.

5. Dancing Through the Night

Of all the songs though, Dancing Through the Night is definitely the Saori we’ve come to love.  The tune does start with a lot of synths, but it empties to this mix of a ballad to a dance track and I really like the grandness of the track.  It’s got a wondrous feel and Saori sounds dreamy to go alongside said arrangement.  It’s so hard to say if its better than “Valentine tonight” but damn are they close to one another!!

6. Minato-machi Love Song

As the last original track of the mini, Minato-machi Love Song is probably the one that didn’t affect me too much.  I do like the kind of doowop/50s sound that I get from it and Saori’s vocals are light enough, but there’s some weird synth swipes that sound really unfortunate in the song’s choruses.  It’s definitely my least favorite of the songs on NOSTALGY, but I suppose there’s something to like about the track.

7. Chaplin Orchestra (Cube Juice remix)

The mini ends with a remix of the leading track and I started chuckling with the low voice, but then got into the groove real quickly when the song has a 80s funk vibe with some brass thrown into the mix.  I don’t think the vocal melody suited this new arrangement, but at least the remixer played with the beats to counteract the melody to make things more cool.  Still, it’s OK for the most part.



Being the 2nd mini-album Saori released since returning from her hiatus, NOSTALGY is actually quite the step up from “Thanks”.  I love that she’s experimenting on this one and songs like Chaplin Orchestra & Valentine tonight really stuck out in a great way and Dancing Through the Night brought us the more normal expectations in a strong way.  I really can’t wait to see her next release!


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