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Up Up Girls – Party People Alien/Seven☆Piece April 12, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Party People Alien
  2. Seven☆Piece
  3. Appare (Regular only)
  4. Shout!!!!!!! (Limited A only)
  5. Seishun no Namida (Limited B only)

1. Party People Alien

Opening with a decent solo line from Akari Saho, Party People Alien is more of a continuation of the group’s strong push for the idol style to be more electro and club-friendly.  I do like the fact that the group sounds a bit more confident and not as dependent on the vocal manipulations (though that is still present).  I also love that all the members have solos throughout as they’re quite exciting about the track.  I will say lyrically it’s pretty absurd, but it’s a catchy song at the end of the day!

2. Seven☆Piece

As the other A-side of the single, Seven☆Piece takes things to a lighter place, but it does remind me of various songs of theirs from previous album eras.  The chorus of the track does make the pace a bit quicker and I do think it’s a good song to use for lives because of the chanting feel that I get, even if the song gets really repetitive towards the end of the track.  Still, compared to “Party People Alien”, this is the weaker song.

3. Appare

The rest of the tracks are split between versions of the single and first up is Appare which technically came out last year as an exclusively bought track from the Live DVD the group released.  I didn’t see what was the big deal about it being a one-song track on a DVD,but it’s nice to see it finally make it onto a single.  Appare has a quirky intro and the fact that synthed brass makes an appearance is interesting.  There’s a really interesting part where there’s very quick lyrics and it kind of worked…pretty interesting song and I kind of enjoyed it!

4. Shout!!!!!!!

The other two tracks were songs that the group have been performing a bit before this single was announced an I thought that was cool they’d bring them up.  Shout!!!!!!! does follow more along their dance tracks, but it’s not overarranged like some other tracks of theirs.  It does seem like it’s a crowd pumping song and I’m OK with that and the heavy beats are nice to hear from them too.  Great B-side!

5. Seishun no Namida

Finally, we have Seishun no Namida and I was expecting the song to be a ballad because of the title roughly translated as “Tears of Youth”, but was not expecting this track to be another EDM-centric track.  I do like that the lyrics are a bit more sad but are covered by the strong arrangement which is cool and polarizing.  Interesting track and even moreso that it was released with a PV.



It feels like it’s been forever since UUG has released a single (last release was their 3rd album a year ago).  Party People Alien/Seven☆Piece is an alright single and kind of packing when compared to their past releases.  I feel like the group has gotten quite comfortable with EDM being their shtick and Party People Alien, Seishun no Namida, and Shout!!!!!!! are great examples of that.  Appare and Seven☆Piece feels like it catered more to their past works where it wasn’t a dance beat that overtook the song and I enjoyed that too.  Definitely a single to check out if you’re a curious wonder.


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