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Crystal Kay – Sakura April 13, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Sakura
  2. Waiting For You
  3. Forever Young
  4. Sakura (Instrumental)

1. Sakura

Being around the time of the season, it isn’t surprising that Kuri would release a song about it and such.  I’m not surprised that it’s really more of the usual sound and feel that Kuri has been under since debut being a R&B ballad.  I mean Crystal sounds wonderful as usual, but the song itself is just kind of there and doesn’t really sway me in any direction.

2. Waiting For You

Moving to the B-sides, I feel like Waiting For You is a much better fare despite being more like the better songs she released through “VIVID” and “Shine”.  The beat is a lot more fulfilling and Kuri sounds a lot more powerful and confident than she does in “Sakura” ironically.  It’s a solid song for sure and my favorite of the single.

3. Forever Young

The single closes with Forever Young and boy it’s a sleepy song.  Being a piano-led ballad, Kuri sounds has a much stronger presence because of the fact that echo filters were placed on her voice so it radiates more through the rather basic arrangement.  I feel like it’s a cover of something but I can’t place it…still towards the end drums and a little more sound pops up, but the song just doesn’t resonate with me either.



Being released 3 months after “Shine”, Sakura comes out and it kind of falls flat for me.  While Kuri is a great singer and suits ballads nicely a lot of the time, Sakura and Forever Young were just kind of white and static for me in comparison to her past works.  At least Waiting For You was decent enough to stand out with a better sound and melody.  Kind of a blah single altogether though…


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