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Koda Kumi – Shhh! April 13, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Shhh!
  2. Kimi Omoi

1. Shhh!

Wow, talk about opening differently than normal, it sounds like a song that belongs on “JAPONESQUE” and yet it has a sound that’s more akin to sounds from “Bon Voyage”, but I appreciate the kind of upbeat and fun atmosphere the tune brings.  Also Kuu sounds so good when she belts like she does.  It’s a funky song and it stuck to me quite nicely…impressive track, I just hope it makes the next album!

2. Kimi Omoi

The B-side however is something that isn’t new (actually it’s an older song from her “FEVER” live special release she released during “WALK OF MY LIFE”.  It seems that this song was actually edited a bit with some arrangement changes.  While I never thought the song stuck out because of how many other similar sounding songs she has, but I really like Kuu’s vocals here.  The changes didn’t exactly sway me and if I hadn’t read otherwise (and compare the two versions) I wouldn’t have even noticed.  Still it’s OK though.



Being a mu-mo/venue only single, I thought it was an interesting single.  While I know Kuu has released new songs since “WALK OF MY LIFE” with the “____ OF LOVE” compilations, it feels like forever since Kuu released something on a single.  Shhh! is a good song and I hope it makes her next album because it’s just that memorable.  Seeing Kimi Omoi again is just filler, but the small changes didn’t change my opinion of it in anyway sadly…let’s just hope she’ll actually release a full-on single!


One Response to “Koda Kumi – Shhh!”

  1. jinhwa Says:

    There was a Koda Kumi sings “real emotion” and “so into you”. and another Koda Kumi here today. The music is totally different. I think the old one is more popular than the new one when tickets sales is compared..

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