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Kyarypamyupamyu – Sai & Kou April 20, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Sai & Kou
  2. Cosmetic Coaster
  3. Mondai Girl -extended mix-
  4. Sai & Kou (instrumental)
  5. Cosmetic Coaster (instrumental)

1. Sai & Kou

I feel like Kyary’s new A-side Sai & Kou sounds like a march at the beginning before it becomes a rather cutesy and upbeat track for her.  It does sound like a lot of stuff that came from her “Pikapika Fantajin” album, being all synthy (thanks to Nakata) and just being a sugary song itself.  Really though, it’s sort of catchy, but not at the levels of “Mondai Girl” unfortunately.

2. Cosmetic Coaster

A song for her Universal Studios attraction?  Weird to say the least but original in the same sense.  Right from the start, it does give me a theme park kind of feeling with the beats and generally appealing cute sound.  I do feel that its fantasy-esque sound and nature just suits me more than “Sai & Kou” did which in the end made it the better song overall.  Cute and catchy for sure!

3. Mondai Girl -extended mix-

I’m surprised “Crazy Party Night” or even “Mondai Girl” had any extensions (the latter having a remix), but we’re back right at it with a Mondai Girl extension which is great!  Adding almost about a minute more, this version begins immediately with the chorus before the actual song kicks in which is odd but cool.  The new changes within the song are OK, maybe a little unnecessary here and there, but I still love the song regardless!



Kyary’s 3rd single (and probably the last to represent her upcoming “KPP BEST” best album), Sai & Kou at least stood out a bit more than her previous single by a decent amount.  The leading track, while very reminiscent of past works, is OK for the most part, but most of my interest was at Cosmetic Coaster that’s for sure!  The extended take on Mondai Girl was decent too for the most part.  Just wonder what comes next after the best album to be honest.


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