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T.M.Revolution – Committed RED/Inherit The Force April 20, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Committed RED
  2. Inherit The Force
  3. Committed RED (Re:boot) (Regular only)
  4. Inherit The Force (Re:boot) (Regular only)

1. Committed RED

Kicking things off with a dramatic opening that leads into some strong sounds, Committed RED kind of reminds me in a way of abingdon boys school’s “BLADE CHORD” with the sort of Samurai-esque feel and the overall guitarwork.  Actually it reminds of many of TMR’s songs which might be good or bad as well.  I love the strings that appear in the bridge and the song’s darker atmosphere, but I feel like it could’ve hit harder.

2. Inherit The Force

The other A-side though is definitely more towards TMR’s exciting songs that focuses on Asakura’s arranging skills and it definitely has a much stronger sound than “Committed RED” for sure.  Though it does fit alongside songs like “ZIPS”, “Save the One, Save the All, or even “ignited”.  While it doesn’t step on new ground, it’s a decent track and Takanori brings a lot of needed energy.

3. Committed RED (Re:boot)

On regular editions we get remade versions (something they started during the “Ten” era).  On these remixes or whatever you want to think of them as, Committed RED sounds totally different from its original arrangement by incorporating a harder rock sound that’s even more akin to abingdon boys school’s sound and I love that because it’s just edgy and aggressive.  I feel like this was the better version funny enough.

4. Inherit The Force (Re:boot)

On the otherside, the updated version of Inherit The Force is also a lot more louder and instead of the focus being with the synths, it’s instead on the guitars and it sounds banging and so much stronger than I expected.  Really though, it’s surprising how these reboots are more interesting than the originals.



Being the only single before their next best album, I felt like the single was seriously shadowed by its reboot versions (which ironically has been the case of most of them since they started them back on “Phantom Pain”).  The original takes sound like various other TMR songs, mostly Inherit The Force which was the better A-side here.  I really don’t know what’s going on, but hey it’s a thing.


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