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Let’s Talk Pokemon Gen 7! The first full trailers! May 14, 2016

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Yup! With GameFreak finally getting their gears together and beginning their countdown to the November 18th release date, we finally get the first couple of new Pokemon (outside of Magearna and the Zygarde forms).  Let’s get a few facts out of the way though first!

  • The new region is called Alola (based off of Hawaii) and with that it seems islands and a tropical setting is the thing (weird, considering we had the Hoenn remakes previous having a tropical feel to it).
  • There might be character customization brought back to the series
  • In a previous announcement PokeBank and R/B/Y/G are going to be compatible with the game (how???).
  • They shown the professor, whose name is Hala and what I think is his assistant named Kukui…which is interesting that the assistant has an actual name.

Now let’s take a look at the new pokemon!

Rowlet, Little, Popplio


Yep, MEET THE STARTERS!!  From fan reaction it feels like Rowlet and Litten are the popular ones from first looks!  I have to say that I actually enjoy all three a lot more than I did when I saw Kalos’ starters.

With Rowlet, it’s the 2nd dual-typed starter since Bulbasaur back when.  I also enjoy that fact for it and hoping it’s evolutions really take off from the owl side of things.  Also it’s the 3rd known Grass/Flying type (from Tropius & Sky Forme Shaymin).

Litten just looks cool especially being the Fire type here.  Maybe it’s just the fact that it’s a cat makes it impressive (and the sheer assumption is just won’t even be a Fire/Fighting type in its evolution is just in the hopes again).

Then we have Popplio and I still am not sure why it’s not as popular because it looks so cute and playful (of the 3, it just screams joyful).

-At the end of the day though, I’m more than likely to choose Litten (to kind of even out my pattern after I chose Froakie in X/Y (I should’ve chose Fennekin, but c’mon I wanted a Greninja that bad XD

Solgaleo, Lunaala


Here we have our legendary mascots, now before I continue the names aren’t official, but they were trademarked alongside the Japanese names for the starters, it’s just a matter of time though.  I have to admit, I was coming into this wanting Moon, but after seeing this lion, I might have a change of heart.  While the typing has not been revealed yet, I actually don’t have any ideas for typings…but Solgaleo might be part Fire.  As for Lunaala, Flying maybe?  Moon’s legendary is still slightly odd to me, but I can see myself wanting to train it.



So not much more information was given about Magearna, but it’s typing was revealed to be a Steel/Fairy (not a surprise to many) but given it’s similarities to Diancie, Magearna having the types is just obvious.



Finally, we have these last two who we have VERY little information on it.  The wireframe bird Pokemon might’ve been canned since the Pokemon Direct, but I doubt they’d show a thing like that, but hey hope it comes to fruition.  The Pokemon on the left though is for certain as it was shown in the Corocoro video about the game.  While many think it’s a dog or an Eevee related thing.  Personally, I just want to know what it is…but considering it was shown for half-a-second…there’s just a lot of speculation



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