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LADYBABY – Renge Chance! May 26, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Renge Chance!
  2. C’est si bon Kibun

1. Renge Chance!

That guitar intro is pretty badass to say the least!  When the song is about ramen and the spoons, you know this was going to be a strange experience.  Actually of the 3 A-sides they’ve released so far, this is definitely the strangest of them going from weird explanations of ramen and connecting it to demons and all that.  Add that Rei and Rie kick the idol side of things into high gear and even the music does come off a slight bit cuter even while Ladybeard does his crazy things.  I liked it, but “Nippon Manju” is a hard song to beat!

2. C’est si bon Kibun

The B-side though is pretty impressive by being a little more of what I was expecting as their growth expands.  It’s a little pop/punk mixed with Ladybeard and his death growls.  I do like the melodies of the song and Ladybeard is still a strong entity within the track too!  Hell, the PV is pretty neat too!  The chorus is pretty fantastic and really brings together in a wild, but cute too.  Great song!



It’s sad that LADYBABY announced shortly after the single’s release that they’d be going on a hiatus (really, after 3 singles?).  Though I have to say that Renge Chance! is a little bit of them stepping outside of the box by singling out a little more towards their idol side.  Plus it’s great to see Rei and Rie pushing up more as singers as I felt like they were a little bit second to Beard-chan!  Still, it’s a wonderful single and I hope they do release that album before fully going on hiatus!


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