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Namie Amuro – Mint May 26, 2016

Filed under: Namie Amuro — solarblade @ 6:46 am

Track Listing

  1. Mint
  2. Chit Chat
  3. Mint -Instrumental-
  4. Chit Chat -Instrumental-

1. Mint

Whenever I think of Mint, I have to say that what doesn’t come to mind is a rockin’ dance track to bring Namie back to speed.  I’m loving the guitar licks of the arrangement and the sexy glow she brings to songs and it just works together so smoothly.  It’s a strong track and all, but there’s something that reminds me of some songs from her last albun “_genic” which is not bad because I enjoyed that album, but damn!  This is a strong A-side for her and in a string of them, that’s always great to see!

2. Chit Chat

~did I tell you about yesterday?~ opens up the B-side of the single and Chit Chat carries on with the guitars acting in the song to a more dance-centric track.  Though the feeling of this song and “Mint” couldn’t be any further apart.  I get the sounds of summer in this track and I like that and Namie sounds alive and happy to be performing the song.  Overall, decent B-side and works coinciding with the leading track.



As the 2nd single after “_genic”, I feel that this single and “Red Carpet” have been pretty top notch stuff and shows she isn’t quite done yet with enjoying her career.  Mint is aggressive and hot to listen to and Chit Chat gives me a nice summer breeze kind of feel which is fitting for the season.  I have to say, she’s on a roll!


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