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U-KISS – Kissing to feel May 26, 2016

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Track Listing

  1. Kissing to feel
  2. Shining Stars
  3. HEART STRINGS ~Ienai Kotoba~ (LIVE version) (CD only)
  4. Kissing to feel (Instrumental)
  5. Shining Stars (Instrumental)

1. Kissing to feel

It feels like it’s been forever since U-KISS released a strong upbeat A-side and Kissing to feel is giving me all the feels.  I mean the song is typically so with Soohyun, Kevin, and Hoon at the leads, but I feel like the other 3 members do make their appearance in the track.  Actually I have to say this song is one of their bests in quite a long while, with it’s strong dance beat and powerful vocals.  Yeah, quite nice to see them return to form!

2. Shining Stars

Though, I suppose we needed to counteract the awesome song with an amazingly cheesy song.  It screams bad boyband of the 90s ballads with the contrived beats and twinkles and such.  Even Eli and Jun couldn’t exactly save the song with light rapping.  I mean it’s not really in the same kind of levels as their older ballads have been, where’s the stuff they were pulling back in Korea?  This was just not my cup of tea.

3. HEART STRINGS ~Ienai Kotoba~ (LIVE version)

Strange that the single’s exclusive track is for a song that hasn’t appeared in their discography yet, but here we are with HEART STRINGS and honestly, it slightly shakes off that bitter taste I had with “Shining Stars”.  Hearing the 6 live is always a treat as they bring it in their performances and they didn’t disappoint with this live.  The song (which is going to be on their upcoming album) is like their older tunes and has a lot of Hoon (actually it’s only Hoon).  Huh, well at least he’s a great singer for the group and shows it off here in this live take!



Being the 2nd and final single before their “One Shot One Kill” album drops, Kissing to feel is an interesting single to say the least.  It’s been a while since an A-side a WOW-ed me and Kissing to feel is such a cool and aggressive song that I’ve been missing from them for quite a while.  Though its B-side, Shining Stars is just bad and cheesy and just not right for the group, they’ve done so much better than this song.  As for the Hoon solo, nice song, but we all know Hoon is amazing, give Keseop or Jun something to work with.  I will say that I’m looking forward to the album!


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